ULT REFRIGERATION LTD provides specialist thermal engineering and process engineering for applications requiring Ultra Low Temperatures down to -85ºC and below.

We design and build a wide variety of ULT systems (0,1kW to over 300kW) using small hermetic compressors to large screw compressors, in cascade and 2-stage stage configurations.

One off custom builds, and system designs for mass production.

High quality designs and manufacturing standards to produce equipment with High efficiency/compact sizes/minimum gas charges.

We are a small and very flexible company based in Auckland, New Zealand - with designs and services reaching many countries including Spain, UK, USA, Switzerland, France, Germany, Brazil, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and others.

All services and on site training are available in native English or fluent Spanish.

Typical fields of application include (but are not limited to) Services include (but are not limited to)