Energy Efficiency – a responsible approach. Simply by their nature, ultra low temperatures systems have worse coefficients of performance (COP) than higher temperature systems. i.e they use more power per kW of cooling.

An often overlooked area of ULT systems is that there are a variety of methods to achieve such extreme temperatures - and each system has its own area of efficiency, and a crossover point where it becomes sensible to use a different method.

It is not unusual, especially for larger applications, to have the potential to save so much energy that those energy savings alone have the potential to pay off the majority of capital costs over 10 to 20 years of operation. Likewise, the differences in equipment can save substantial maintenance costs, operating cost, equipment footprint and weight.

We therefore highly recommend that the process is considered in detail in order to select the most efficient plant. Even scenarios like part-loading can play a huge part in energy conservation, so it is (very) worthwhile studying the process load cycle.

A simple assessment would be a single temperature, single heat load process.

A more detailed assessment would be a process with PID controlled heating and cooling ramps and widely fluctuating heat loads. Getting these aspects determined and clarified at the design stage can greatly benefit the equipment owner.

ULT REFRIGERATION LTD can provide these types of process assessments to assist in plant and project planning and to ensure the most efficient system design is chosen. Or we can do this just to help clients specify equipment in tender documents. Unbiased, and confidential when necessary.